Flesh Syndicate is formerly known as "As Seen on TV suspensions". I decided to change the name for a couple of reasons. First (and most importantly), We were asked to do a TV show but the producers would not let us us the name due to possible copyright infringment issues. I didn't see a problem with it since we put suspensions behind it (ie. Northbay towing, Northbay windows etc.). Like I said, I didn't see it as being an issue but they did. Secondly, we have had a massive group change and I felt that a fresh start was in order. I want to keep roughly the same image for the group, just with a little more edge. Well, I guess those are my two reasons as petty as they may or may not be. We will however still be providing the world with top notch private (and semi-public) suspensions for many years to come. Feel free to contact us if you want to be a part of the fun.

I (Matte) threw my first hooks in July of 2005 and fell in love. The emotion, the energy, the science, the art, I love hanging people! I guess the best part is people love to be hung. It is truly a beautiful experience (epecially in the right setting). What started out as a one man project now, is a growing entity. I have added a few assistants to the process and have regular events. All the events are open to the public so, if you want to do a suspension, pull, play piercing, corseting, or even just want to watch, you are welcome. We also travel so if you have that perfect spot you want to use, we will try to accomodate you. So, choose your suspension style of choice, choose your location and we can make your suspension dreams become a reality.